Overview of ESRM

Background of the company:

The forefathers of the current sponsors ventured into the steel business in 1983 under the title of “M/S Islam Brothers”. The entity then used to import iron and steel products for local trading. With a history of over 27 years of experience to its credit, the sponsors established Eyar Ali Re-rolling & Steel Mills Limited (ESRM) in the year 2005 in the form of a private limited company. Over the years, the company has grown up and has now 3 production units for producing different types of steel products.

ESRM Business activities :

Eyar Ali Re-Rolling & Steel Mills Limited (ESRM) has undoubtedly proven itself as the benchmark of manufacturer of high standard Steel and Iron Materials/Products for domestic market.
To produce Deformed Rod TMT 500 W, GR. 60/400 W, MS-Angle, MS-Z Bar , MS-Flat Bar, etc. Steel scrap and MS Plate are used as raw materials. Currently the project is producing at 62% capacity.