Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam, the architect of IOL is an enthusiastic entrepreneur leading the company and undertaking a various projects of national importance. As an influential entrepreneur in the various gas manufacturing sector, he has a long-term vision, passion, zeal and indefatigable energy with instrumental thinking brings the private sector initiative into the public domain. He has over 28 years of experience in conceiving and developing projects. He attended various training programs both at home and abroad. Before starting the business also visited oxygen plant in Japan and India several time. Under the valiant leadership of Mr. Md. Shahidul Islam over a decade; IOL became the 2nd largest manufacturing facilities for different nature of gases in Bangladesh. Md. Shahidul Islam also played a key role in achieving the success of the long-cherished dream of making Bangladesh as a major producer of gas related products. His humble background and success in business made him a man of action and empathy. He has a long career in developing and establishing diversified businesses and projects that include gas production, steel & engineering. He is the life member of an educational institute named Padma Collage, Muksudpur. Dohar Dhaka. He is also the life member of Arial Bil Maa –O-Shishu Foundations, DOHS, Banani, Dhaka.


Managing Director

Mr. Md. Ajharul Islam, a modern generation entrepreneur and the co-founder of IOL. He deserves over 22 years of rich and varied experience in conceiving and setting up of gas manufacturing projects in Bangladesh and belongs a matured business acumens thrive that stands him a solid business professional in the corporate as a complete businessman. His approach to life has always been to dream of hard work with honesty. He has been instrumental and optimistic to be a model as a global brand in the niche market for IOL that Force to lead, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Change Adaptation and sustainable development of the Group’s initiatives in real time. Mr. Md. Ajharul Islam plays a key entrepreneur in the commercially important environment for the precious material like Oxygen Gas manufacturer in Bangladesh by virtue of diversified gaseous products which is suitable for the climate and within the institutional purchasing power and viable for the people of the country. He is effectively leading the business of IOL with continues profitability, sales growth, manufacturing excellences, human resources practices that imbued the best resources. By dint of his enormous contribution to the national development, he has been recognized as a Commercially Important Person (CIP) by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for the year of 2014 & 2015.



Mr. Md. Nurul Islam is the Founder & Managing Director of Islam Oxygen Limited, a pleasant personality with a strong leadership capability enabled as a successful entrepreneur. Being a strong individual, he is ready to take challenges and transformation. Prudence Passion Integrity and Foresight of reality made him a person of exceptional business leader in the gas manufacturing market. He is cultured in the safety management and sustainability philosophy. He achieved a vast experience about the business at home and abroad. He has an ancestral business heredity with a strong subject matter experts and manufacturing experiences over 25 years in the gas & steel Industry. He has visited a lot of Oxygen plants in Japan & India and gathered experiences to maneuver operations with excellences. Mr. Md. Nurul Islam’s ideology pledged priority to the customer first. His dedication to the business proven him an ethical business professional to achieve the strategic goal. His overarching leadership principles that include and emphasize think Big and Act Boldly, Drive Confidently and Act Ethically, Execute with Results, Production Excellence and Total Quality Management, Employee Growth and Business Sustainability. He has a significant contribution to the advancement of manufacturing of Gas & Gaseous products valued for the country. His business strategy and leadership skills have a vertical integration for a largely diversified business of gas & gaseous products results IOL as one of the leading gas manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. He has in-depth experiences about the diverse sector’s administrative unction Aries. His skills of Human Resources practices in the organization evaluates an end-to-end quality concern to develop productive workforce to ensure smooth operations of IOL meaningfully and professionally. Being a visionary entrepreneur, he dreams to create a thousand employment opportunities for the poverty driven educated scales to mitigate the unemployment crisis in Bangladesh. His leadership edge keeps balance intra company functional perfections to make the IOL as the “Best Place to Work with”.