Welcome to Eyar Ali Re-rolling & Steel Mills Limited

The forefathers of the current sponsors ventured into the steel business in 1983 under the title of “M/S Islam Brothers”. The entity then used to import iron and steel products for local trading. With a history of over 27 years of experience to its credit, the sponsors established Eyar Ali Re-rolling & Steel Mills Limited in the year 2005 in the form of a private limited company. Over the years, the company has grown up and has now 3 production units for producing different types of steel products.

Eyar Ali Re-rolling & Steel Mills Limited Business activities
Eyar Ali Re-Rolling & Steel Mills Limited has undoubtedly proven itself as the benchmark of manufacturer of high standard Steel and Iron Materials/Products for domestic market.

To produce Deformed Rod TMT 500 W, GR. 60/400 W, MS-Angle, MS-Z Bar , MS-Flat Bar, etc. Steel scrap and MS Plate are used as raw materials. Currently the project is producing at 62% capacity.

Other Companies of Common Ownership

Islam Re-rolling Mills Limited :

The Islam Re-rolling Mills Limited is a sister concern of ESRM, situated on a piece of land measuring 218.50 decimal area at Tarabo, under police station Rupgonj in the district of Narayangonj. It produces excellent standard iron and steel materials such as steel angles, steel flat bar of various sizes. At present, there are three number product lines in this plant.

Islam Oxygen Limited:

Islam Oxygen Limited is another sister concern of ESRM and has four units. It produces high quality Medical and Industrial Gases (Oxygen, Nitrogen, Nitrous, Acetylene, carbon Di-oxide, Liquid Argon) and supplies those in local market after bottling in steel cylinders. The factory is located in the same campus of Islam Re-rolling Mills Limited at Tarabo, Narayangonj.


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